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Get free credit to try SettleMint

When you create an account on SettleMint, you get €250 free credit to try out the platform. This gives you a unique opportunity to experience blockchain transformation, and see for yourself how quickly and easily you can build blockchain applications.

What you can do with the credits

Things you can do with the €250 trial offer:

  • Deploy a permissioned blockchain network or join a public network, and run a node.

  • Write and deploy smart contract sets, taking advantage of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) containing pre-built templates that can easily be configured to your use case.

  • Create a private key to keep your funds and smart contracts secure.

With your credits you can run all these services in the cloud of your choice for approximately 2 weeks.

How it works

The trial offer requires a valid credit card. When you create an account we ask for credit card details so we can create a billing account for your organization and credit €250 to it. You can spend this amount freely to try out the platform and deploy any service you want (networks, nodes, smart contracts, etc.).

SettleMint follows a metered pay-as-you-go model, meaning charges are based purely on the resources (memory, vCPU, and disk space) you use to keep your services running. Your credits are used to pay for this resource usage.

Billing starts only when all your credits are used, and only when you keep your services running. You can consult the status of your resource usage, associated costs, and remaining credits at any time. To avoid incurring charges when your credits have been used, you can delete running services at any time.


If you have any questions related to the use of credits, or for any reason cannot provide credit card information upon account creation, but still want to give SettleMint a try, feel free to contact us.