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May 31, 2023

· 4 min read

SettleMint Managed Cloud

New features

Generative AI in the Smart Contract Set IDE

The integration of an OpenAI GPT plugin into the Smart Contract IDE of the SettleMint platform helps to speed up the development of new smart contracts by reducing manual effort and improving code efficiency. It provides automated code suggestions, smart contract templates, and code completion capabilities. The documentation contains more information about the generative AI plugin.

Soulbound token smart contract template set

A soulbound token (SBT) is a type of non-fungible token (NFT) that is permanently tied to a specific wallet address or identity and is often used for digital collectibles or unique assets. It can only be owned by the designated owner and cannot be traded or sold on the open market. It is available on all EVM blockchain networks and is fully integrated into the Graph Middleware for easy querying.

No credit card is required to try the platform

We have removed the requirement to add a credit card when trying out the SettleMint platform. You receive €250 in credits and once this is spent, your services will be automatically paused. You will not incur any costs but you will not be able to use the services until you have added payment information. If your services remain paused for two weeks, they will be permanently deleted, and any data within them will be unrecoverable.

GDPR-compliance guide for clients

As a European company building a blockchain application, it is essential to ensure your application complies with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To assist our clients in achieving GDPR compliance, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that outlines key considerations and offers guidance for achieving compliance.

Hasura data backup guides added

Hasura is a powerful GraphQL engine that simplifies the process of building scalable and secure applications. Backing up Hasura data is a crucial aspect of ensuring data integrity and continuity in the event of a disaster or data loss. The documentation now has a guide on how to backup and restore Hasura data.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) documentation

Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) files are complete, structured inventories of all the third-party components used in a software application, along with information about their licenses and dependencies. The SettleMint documentation now has SPDX SBOM files for all deployed containers, making it easier for organizations to manage their software supply chain and ensure compliance with open-source licenses.


  • Kubo (IPFS) v0.20.0
  • Hasura v2.25.0
  • Postgresql v15.3

Bugfixes & enhancements

  • Fixed an issue where auto-paused services occasionally incurred costs.
  • Resolved instability in Fabric nodes.
  • Users who created multiple organizations without having initial credits in those organizations will no longer receive low credit warnings.
  • Performance improvements.

SettleMint On-Premise

New features

All the new features from the SettleMint Managed Cloud

We're aiming to achieve feature parity between On-Premises/BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) solutions with SettleMint's Managed Cloud platform version. This ensures that all new features released on the SettleMint Managed Cloud are also accessible in the on-premises and BYOC versions.

Custom ingress classes

The ability to customize the ingress controller class helps ensure compatibility with a wide range of setups. SettleMint allows organizations to choose the ingress controller that best fits their needs while ensuring their applications will work seamlessly within the platform. This helps reduce the risk of compatibility issues and ensures organizations can take full advantage of the benefits of Kubernetes, without being limited by their choice of ingress controller.

Cert-Manager and custom ingress annotations for automatic TLS certificate management

Automatic integration with cert-manager for TLS certificate provisioning and the capability to add custom annotations to the ingress objects provides several benefits for enterprises. With cert-manager integration, the platform can automatically provision TLS certificates for ingress resources. The ability to automatically provision TLS certificates and customize ingress configuration helps enterprises streamline their Kubernetes deployments.

Integrate with Secret Management solutions

We enable secure secret management by allowing administrators to configure managed secrets via a Kubernetes secret to environment variables and via annotations on pods and deployments. This provides a flexible and customizable approach to secret management, allowing organizations to choose the method that best fits their needs.


  • All bug fixes from SettleMint Managed Cloud.
  • We addressed the issue of slow disk provisioning in some on-premise environments. To accommodate this, we have extended the timeout for platform and service installation to 30 minutes.


  • All upgrades from SettleMint Managed Cloud
  • Prometheus v2.44.0