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January 25, 2022

· One min read
  • New – Hyperledger Fabric support for network and nodes (and Chaincode coming soon)
  • New – Integration studio, a tool to connect your blockchain application to existing applications by simply 'dragging and dropping'
  • New – Graph middleware, allowing you to index and query the data stored in your smart contracts, and connect these to your applications using a flexible GraphQL API. Including a library of indexing modules.
  • New – ERC-20 template for crowdsale smart contract set
  • New – ERC-20 template for meta transactions smart contract set
  • Improved – more granular API key permissions to improve security
  • Overall performance improvements & several UI bug fixes

January 17, 2022

· One min read
  • New – Public testnets for Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain
  • New - ERC-721 template for NFT trading cards
  • Improved - Node authentication options
  • Improved – Resource usage tracking for scaled cluster services
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Several bug fixes and UI enhancements

November 2, 2021

· One min read
  • New – IPFS for securely storing and sharing data off chain
  • Improved – Extended ERC-721 smart contract template with improved NFT’s, IPFS integration, and generative images
  • Improved – More methods in the JSON-RPC composer
  • Improved – Error handling and warning messages
  • Several bug fixes and UI enhancements

October 17, 2021

· One min read
  • New - Protocol support for Ethereum (public), Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain
  • New - Dubai region added to Microsoft Azure support
  • Improved - Metrics on resource usage follow-up and optimization tools
  • Improved - Network and node monitoring tools, dashboards, statistics and logs
  • New - Node interaction tools with playgrounds for real-time tryouts (JSON-RPC, GraphQL)
  • New - Secure private key management to keep your funds and smart contracts secure.
  • Improved - Consortium management and automated onboarding process
  • New - Collaboration with team members on your applications
  • Improved - Predictable usage-based pricing
  • Improved - Better overall developer experience and new UI