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You can view the status of each service (e.g. network, node, smart contract set, etc.) on the service's overview page and detail pages.

Status list

The following service statuses are defined:

  • Waiting - The service is waiting to be deployed. This will only take seconds.
  • Deploying - The service is being deployed. This will only take minutes.
  • Running - The service is running without any issues.
  • Warning - The service is still running, but suboptimal as the resources are no longer sufficient.
  • Error - The service is facing issues. The error message will provide information about the type of issue and the action you can take to fix it.
  • Restarting - The service is restarting.
  • Deleting - The service is being deleted.
  • Scaling - The resource pack for the service is scaling.

In relation to the resource usage of your services, specific resource usage statuses are defined.