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Create an application

An application is the context in which you organize your networks, nodes, smart contract sets and any other related blockchain resource.


You will always need to create an application before you can deploy or join networks, and add nodes.

How to create a new application

Create an App

You created your first application when you signed up to use the SettleMint platform, but you can create as many applications as you want within an organization.

Follow these steps to create a new application:

  1. In the upper right corner of any page, click the grid icon. Here you see an overview of all your organizations and applications.
  2. Navigate to the organization in which you want to create the application, and click Create new application.
  3. Choose a name for your application. Choose one that is easily recognizable in your dashboards. You may want to choose a name related to what you are building, e.g. track and trace, NFT, data exchange, etc. You can change the name of your application at any time.
  4. Click Confirm to go to the application dashboard. The dashboard is still empty for now. Start by adding a network to the application.

Manage an application

Navigate to the application dashboard.

Click Manage app to see the available actions. You can only perform these actions if you have administrator rights.

  • Change name - Changes the name of the application without any further impact.
  • Delete application - Removes the application from the platform.