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To view and inspect transactions in your blockchain application, SettleMint provides insightful dashboards via the integrated Blockscout blockchain explorer.

Blockscout can be hooked up to any of your permissioned EVM compatible blockchain networks running in SettleMint. This includes Hyperledger Besu and Polygon Edge.

Adding the blockchain explorer

Navigate to the application where you want to add a blockchain explorer. Click Insights in the left navigation, and then click Add Insights. This opens a form.

Follow these steps to add the blockchain explorer:

  1. Select Blockchain Explorer
  2. Select the target blockchain node for the blockchain explorer and click Continue. Make sure you have a Hyperledger Besu node or Polygon Edge node in place.
  3. Enter a name for this instance of the blockchain explorer.
  4. Choose a deployment plan. Select the type, cloud provider, region and resource pack. More about deployment plans
  5. You see the resource cost for this blockchain explorer displayed at the bottom of the form. Click Confirm to add the blockchain explorer.

Using the blockchain explorer

When the blockchain explorer is deployed and running successfully, click it from the list and start using it. Click the Interface tab to access the web UI. You can view this in full screen mode by clicking View in fullscreen mode.

You can inspect all blocks, transactions, addresses and balances.

Click a block in the latest Blocks section to inspect its transactions, or click a transaction form the Transactions section to view its details. You can also click View all Blocks or View all Transactions button to view the full list of transactions or blocks.

Blockscout 1.png

Click a Transaction hash to see the Transaction Details

Blockscout 2.png

Click an Account address to see the Address Details

Blockscout 3.png