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Add a Client

This guide explains how to link clients to your organization as a SettleMint partner. This feature helps partners manage their client's resources and applications on SettleMint.


If you are not a SettleMint partner, this guide may not be useful for you. For general account and organization information, visit the Create an Account or About Organization sections. 

Learn about the SettleMint Partner program and how to become a partner on our Partner Program Page.

Understanding the Partner-Client Model 

Partner Client Model

As a SettleMint partner, you can access your client's resources and applications on the platform. 

Clients already using SettleMint 

Clients already using SettleMint can request to link their organization to yours. The client selects join a partner from their account to start the process.

Client new to SettleMint 

Clients new to SettleMint can get access to organizations you have created for them. The client receives an invite from an administrator after being added as a new client and inviting them as members.  

What changes after adding a client? 

Organization Access

After joining a partner, all users of your organization will now have access to the client's applications. You are now able to manage their resources and applications (ex: Blockchain Networks / Nodes). 

Your organization's applications will be labeled as Internal applications. The Clients & apps section on the main dashboard displays your clients' applications.

Your organization's other clients WILL NOT see information from any other clients. 

Resource Cost Monitoring

Your client will not see the cost of their resources used on SettleMint (ex: Blockchain Nodes). This information is only shared with you.


The client will no longer receive any invoices or billing directly from SettleMint. They will receive one last invoice from SettleMint to close out the current billing period. 

How to Add a Client 

1. Open Organizations & Apps 

If your account has been enabled as a partner, you will find both a Clients list and an Add a client option under the Organization & Apps menu. Clicking on Workspace Menu (4 squares) in the top right opens this menu.


The Add Client option is only available to users with administrative access to the organization. 

2. Add the Client Name or Link Code

For clients new to SettleMint, you can create a new organization for them by entering a client name. 

For clients already using SettleMint, you can link their organization by selecting the link code option. The link is what you received by email when a client has requested to join a partner

3. Confirming Client Added

For clients new to SettleMint, you will be redirected to the client's SettleMint Dashboard. You can begin to create applications and invite members to your client's organization.

Clients already using SettleMint will receive an email confirming the linking of the organizations. You will see their organization shown under the Clients & apps list on the main dashboard.