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Join a Partner

This guide explains how to transfer your organization to a SettleMint partner. This feature helps clients of partners better manage their resources and applications on SettleMint.


If you have not been in contact with a SettleMint partner, this guide may not be useful for you. For general account and organization information, visit the Create an Account or About Organization sections.

Understanding the Client-Partner Model

Client Partner Model

As a client of a SettleMint Partner, you can transfer your organization to a partner's organization.

Other clients that have been transferred to this partner WILL NOT have access to any of your organization's information.

What changes after joining a partner?

Organization Access

After joining a partner, all users that are in the partner's organization on SettleMint will now have access to manage your applications. This includes any sensitive information attached to them.

Resource Usage Cost

Depending on your configuration, the resource usage costs of your organization (ex: Blockchain Networks/Nodes) can be hidden. In this case, these costs are now managed by the partner's organization.


Depending on your configuration, the invoicing for your resource usage can either be handled by the partner or directly with SettleMint. If handled by the partner, the billing changes will take effect in the same billing cycle when the transfer is made.

Resource Cost Monitoring

The cost of resources your organization uses on SettleMint (ex: Blockchain Networks/Nodes) will no longer be shown. This will be handled by the partner.


Your organization will no longer receive invoices directly from SettleMint for the cost of your organization's resource usage. Billing and Invoicing will be handled through your assigned partner.

There will be a final invoice sent to your organization for the latest payment period before linking your account to a partner.

How to join a partner

  1. Open Organizations & Apps

    By going to the hompage and selecting the organization dashboard, then the manage menu of the organization , you will see the option to Join a partner. By clicking on this you will be shown the Join a partner form to complete.


The Join a Partner option is only available to users with administrative access to your organization.

  1. Add the Partner Email

    On this form, it is required that you enter a Partner Contact email. This email is the email of a contact person at the partner that you are joining.

  2. Confirmation

    After completing the form, the partner will receive a transfer code via the email you entered. They will then use this transfer code to add your organization as a client.

    Once completed, you will see a note for 24 hours in the SettleMint platform that your organization has been transfered.