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Cookie policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small (text) files, which are stored onto your device by the server of the website you visit. Cookies contain information used by the server to:

  • Optimize functionality of the website.
  • Optimize rendering of the website.
  • Retain and reuse selected preferences.
  • Analyze visitor's behavior.
  • Provide targeted advertisement.

Cookies typically do not register any personal data, such as your name, address, phone number, email address or other data that can be traced back to you. If you wish, you can configure most browsers to reject cookies or to notify you when cookies are being sent.

2. Which cookies do we use?

A distinction can be made in the types of cookies in relation to the controlling and processing of the cookies:

  • First party cookies: Cookies which are fully controlled by SettleMint.
  • Third party cookies: Cookies which are controlled by a third party related to SettleMint; e.g. Google or Facebook.

A second distinction can be made based on the purpose of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies: Cookies are required to use the website.
  • Functional cookies: Cookies are facilitating the use of the website and provide you a more personalized experience.
  • Analytical cookies: Cookies are used to compile visitor statistics to provide a better understanding of the functioning of the website.
  • Marketing cookies: Cookies can monitor internet user behavior to show personalized online advertisements and customized content.

Necessary, functional and analytical cookies, whether first or third party, are always used and placed when visiting our website. We ask for your consent to use and place first party cookies related to marketing purposes.