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Network settings

Depending on your requirements, you can configure some advanced settings for your Polygon Edge network. We provide default settings, but you can change these according to your own preferences.

Chain ID

Ethereum network identifier. Used for peer-to-peer communication between nodes as well as during the transaction signature process. Another identifier, known as the network ID is defaulted to the chain ID.

Seconds per block

Interval for new block creation. Default: 15 s

Gas limit

The maximum amount of gas that can be consumed for a given transaction. Default: 9007199254740991

Gas price

The price per gas unit. Default: 0 wei

EVM stack size

Size for the stack on which the EVM operates. The EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is the environment in which all Ethereum nodes and smart contracts live. Default: 2048

Contract size limit

Maximum limit for a smart contract. Default: 2048 GB


These settings can no longer be changed once the network is deployed.