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The basics

Polygon Edge is a modular and extensible framework developed by Polygon Technology. Its primary purpose is to bootstrap new Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Similar to Hyperledger Besu, a Polygon Edge network can either be permissioned or public. On SettleMint, all Polygon Edge networks are permissioned which means that only a set of specified nodes can join the network.


Polygon Edge's main features include:

  • Permissioning: Only specified nodes can join and participate in the network.
  • Ethereum compatible: A Polygon Edge network is fully compatible with Ethereum smart contracts and transactions.
  • Support for industry standard wallets: Users are able to interact with industry standard wallets through JSON-RPC.
  • Cross-chain communication: Transfer assets to and from any Ethereum-compatible network, i.e Ethereum or Polygon thanks to the native ChainBridge.

Consensus mechanism

A consensus mechanism defines the rules for the nodes in a blockchain network to reach an agreement on the current state of the blockchain ledger.

Polygon Edge supports two versions of the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant IBFT consensus mechanism: Proof of Stake (PoS) or Proof of Authority (PoA). Any Polygon Edge network deployed with SettleMint uses Proof of Authority.

You can find more information on Polygon Edge in the official documentation