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Follow this quickstart to get your blockchain application up and running in no time!

  1. Create an account On sign-up, get free credit to try out the platform and build your first blockchain application.

  2. Get your blockchain network up and running - in just a few minutes! You can choose to set up a permissioned blockchain network or to join a public blockchain network. Multiple protocols for both types of networks are supported.

  3. Add nodes to your network - again, in just a few minutes! Once your network is in place, you can start adding more nodes and interact with them.

  4. Build your use case with smart contract sets Use smart contract sets to add business logic to your application. With our template library and the powerful Integrated Development Environment, you can build any use case in a matter of days.

  5. Create a private key Use private keys to keep your funds and smart contracts secure.

  6. Integrate with other applications Connect your blockchain application to existing applications. Easily connect on chain & off chain.